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Wash health care facilities logo.
Wash health care facilities logo.

Since 2015, WHO, UNICEF, and other partners have been working together to improve WASH in health care facilities.

In 2018 the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres issued a Global Call to Action on WASH in all health care facilities. He states, “Water, sanitation and hygiene are fundamental to respecting the dignity and human rights of every person who seeks health care and of health workers themselves. I call on people everywhere to support action for WASH in all health care facilities. This is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Notable progress has been made to embed WASH standards in global health documents and to document and advocate for eight practical steps at the national and sub-national level.

Thousands of communities, and millions of health workers globally are taking steps to improve WASH services and practices.
Working with over 50 committed partners, WHO and UNICEF have established a global network to exchange latest evidence and tools, share learning and provide technical support to countries and regions.

An advisory group provides strategic direction and reviews progress against the established indicators, and includes representatives from: government, implementing partners, donors, policy think-tanks and academic organizations.

This knowledge portal is for all involved to exchange the latest standards, tools, approaches, achievements and learnings. It is also for making and tracking commitments.